Strings & Timpani

Strings & Timpani

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Stephan Meidell: guitar, electronics
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde:

The drums/guitar duo Strings & Timpani use improvisation as a tool to create catchy and rythmic music mixing influences from world music, jazz and lo-fi pop, and are releasing the vinyl “Hyphen” on the Norwegian label HUBRO. Strings & Timpani employ various preparations of their instruments, and explore new ideas within the classical duo format. 

They have previously – under the moniker “The Sweetest Thrill” – released two duo albums: “Jewellery” (Playdate Records 2012), and “Strings & Timpani” (Klangkollektivet 2013):

Link to album “Jewellery”:

Link to album “Strings & Timpani”: